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Create More Interesting and Useful Spaces

Add curvy contours and terraces that add both function and form to your property.


Stone Borders & Retaining Walls

Attractive borders between different features of your landscape can add visual appeal while turning uneven ground into level and useful spaces. With stone borders and retaining walls you can:

  • Divide planting areas and paths

    Line pathways or flower beds with natural rocks to create a more whimsical aesthetic.

  • Create flat spaces for garden beds, patios or lawns

    Install retaining walls to turn uneven ground into terraced areas that provide more functional space in your yard.


Stone borders and retaining walls can completely transform a dull and flat yard into an interesting landscape that is pleasing to the eye. Brentley’s knows how to build retaining walls correctly so they are not prone to failure or settling, and we place large stones firmly in the ground so your rock lined features stay in place for years to come.

Contact us today to sculpt your yard into a more useful and and beautiful setting with stone borders & retaining walls.

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