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Plants, Trees, Grass & Seasonal Flowers Installation

Trust Brentley’s to help you choose the perfect combination of plants for completing your landscaping vision. We have extensive knowledge about which flowers, shrubs, trees, & grasses thrive in the DFW area and how to combine them in order to produce a beautiful and easy-to-maintain landscape that will wow your neighbors and bring new life and color to your property. We also install high quality synthetic turf lawns for clients seeking a low maintenance, low water use option.

You may already know that planting flowers, trees, and shrubs isn’t always as simple as it seems, so why would you trust this job to an inexperienced landscaper? At Brentley’s, we’ve had to replace many installations after other landscapers failed to consider important factors such as:

  • Direct Sun or Shade?

    Some plants will thrive in direct sun and others prefer shade. We will install plants that are sensitive to light and heat in the shadow of larger, more sun-loving trees and shrubs.

  • Water Usage

    If water usage is a concern, Brentley’s can help you choose plants that are drought resistant and require minimal watering.

  • Zone Appropriateness & Seasonality

    We’ll assist you in choosing plant varieties that provide year-round beauty and thrive in the local environment without succumbing to heat, cold, or disease.

  • Root Encroachment

    We know which plants can be planted close to underground utilities, patios, walkways, and foundations without threatening their integrity, and we can install root barriers wherever they are needed.

  • Aesthetics

    We know which plants complement each other in order to create an exquisite and eye-catching landscape.

  • Synthetic Turf

    Artificial lawns may not be for everyone, but Brentley’s has the knowledge to recommend high quality options that are durable and produce an aesthetic close to real grass. These lawns help save water, always stay green, and never have to be mowed.

Seasonal Flower Planting

With a proper planning and strategic seasonal planting, flowers can be enjoyed year-round in the DFW area. Keep the mood bright throughout the seasons with vibrant and colorful flowerbeds that display different varieties during the spring, summer, fall, and winter!

With Brentley’s year-round flower planting service, our crew will return three times per year to install new flowers in a seasonal rotation so that your flower beds are blooming all year round and adding unique splashes of color as the seasons change.

Add variety and enjoy a colorful outdoor landscape that changes throughout the year. Brentley’s year-round flower planting service will keep your yard looking beautiful throughout all four seasons.


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