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About Brentley’s


Brentley’s is a full-service, premium landscaping and outdoor construction service that offers everything needed to build and maintain a beautiful outdoor living space.

Founded in 1995 by Brentley Massey, Brentley’s Landscape & Construction has grown from a one-man operation to employing a crew of 4 teams under the direction of our dedicated team leader, Alfredo, and we have completed over 350 projects in the DFW area in our 28 years in business.

When you choose Brentley’s, you can be assured you have chosen the most detail-oriented and experienced crew in the region. We only hire the best workers available, and we will strive to exceed your expectations on every detail so you can enjoy and take pride in your property’s beauty year-round.

More About Our Founder & History


A Letter from Brentley

My dad “James Lawrence Massey” always knew that I had an entrepreneurial mindset. On weekends, I would enjoy going to his office and acting as if I was working beside him. My dad had a strong work ethic that he also instilled in me, which is something I remain grateful for to this day.

As a child, I would come up with ways to sell things. I remember digging up henbit and dandelion, planting them in those small cups that you use in the bathroom to rinse your mouth out with and sitting out in front of my house trying to sell them as flowers. I also spent my summer days selling good old fashioned lemonade from my lemonade stand. When I got to be around eleven years of age or so, I began asking neighbors if I could mow their yard. I always admired the man at the…


My Dad - A Tribute

I always knew that I could count on my Dad. He was there for me no matter what, even when he had his reservations or doubts. Now I know, even if I couldn’t see it before, that when he became angry about my failures it was out of love.

My dad always knew I had an entrepreneurial mindset and that I was determined to be a business owner, and although he sometimes became frustrated, his patience endured even through the hardship and many mistakes I made to be where I am today. He never gave up on me, and that’s what I want to exemplify to my daughter through her upbringing. He taught me so much about love and how to deal with disappointment, and he always encouraged me to get up and try again.

When my dad’s time on earth was near its end, I was grateful for the opportunity to give back and care for him because he took care of me, and I felt blessed to have him by my side. This is something I felt I owed it to him, something I know was made possible by the many clients who instilled their trust and confidence in Brentley’s Landscape & Construction.

I am also grateful that God blessed me with an absolutely beautiful daughter …


From Brentley’s Mentor

Recently I was reading a book entitled In Praise and Celebration of Friendship by Helen Exley. It shared the truth that our lives are given real meaning through our relationships.

This book reminded me of our great relationship over many years. I have enjoyed our many discussions about a variety of subjects over our regular breakfast schedules, as well as our celebration on many different occasions with my wife, Gloria. It’s been particularly rewarding to see your growth over the years—personally, professionally and spiritually. You’ve made it one of your life goals to be as effective as possible in your life purpose and calling. Your dedication as a “hard worker” has helped…

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