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Brentley’s Autobiography

My dad “James Lawrence Massey” always knew that I had an entrepreneurial mindset. On weekends I would enjoy going to his office and acting as if I was working beside him. My dad had a work ethic that he instilled in me that I’m grateful for. Click + to read more.

As a child, I would come up with ways to sell things. I remember digging up henbit and dandelions and planting them in those small cups that you use in the bathroom to rinse your mouth out of and sitting out in front of my house trying to sell them as flowers. I spent my summer days selling good old fashion lemonade from my lemonade stand. Once I got to be around eleven years of age or so I began asking neighbors if I could mow their yard. I always admired the man at the end of my street and thought it would be a privilege to mow his lawn. I approached him reluctantly one day and he said sure and asked how much I would charge him, and I said I’ll do it for free just for you. Again, he asked how much I would charge, and I said a dollar and he laughed, and he let me mow his beautiful yard with his oversight. Once I finished, he told me what a great job I did and asked me if I would clean his flowerbeds and of course, I got right to work. He gave me something like twenty-five dollars to mow and five dollars for the bed clean up and I thought I had gone to heaven. It wasn’t long until I had several yards in my neighborhood that I mowed every week. I would push my mower and pull my little red wagon along with all the tools that I needed to look as professional as I could.

I would take my weekly pay from mowing neighboring properties and spend my money making my parent’s yard beautiful and getting feedback from neighbors and family of how great it looked. Every spring season I looked forward to tearing up my parents’ yard and re-doing it because I knew I could make it better than the year before. I found out about a great Texas gardener named Neil Sperry and he became my role model. I anxiously waited for his weekly section in the Dallas Morning News and I was so excited to see him every spring at the garden show in Dallas. I still have his book that he personally signed for me which is one of my greatest treasures. Oh, I cannot forget one of my favorite birthday gifts every year was his monthly magazine and his yearly calendar, and I followed his advice to a “T” for many years.

Once I got into high school my dedication was in agriculture and FFA. My ag teacher was a graduate of Texas A&M and had a degree in horticulture. I signed up for all his classes pertaining to plants and such… I aced every course I took through him! Through my FFA projects and the profits I made, I bought my first landscape maintenance trailer and equipment and that’s when my adventures began, and my dreams of owning a business started ringing true… that was in 1995.

Long behold many challenging times came through the upcoming years and through those challenges and big mistakes God was working in my heart in ways I never realized until sometime later and in 2000 I surrendered my life to my Savior Jesus Christ. My dad knew this man named Fred Roach that taught a Bible study at the Heights Baptist Church that I was heavily involved in that saved my life in and my dad had a great deal of respect for this man and thought it would be a great idea that I seek wisdom in 2002 after getting over one of the most turbulent times of my life on business relations and he told me that if Fred thought it was a good idea for me to proceed to own my own business that he would do all he could to support me. Fred had faith that I could succeed despite what I had been through and my dad got on board. Although I made many more mistakes trying to figure out the ends and outs of being a successful business owner, today I stand here still learning, but thriving in the one thing that my heart has always enjoyed which is God’s creation of beautiful landscape and implementing the talents that have been gifted to me.

It’s been a blessing to see how God has woven all the fabrics of my life together. My dad was there from day one supporting me regardless of the trials, and I was able to pay that forward to him by caring for him through his last days. God blessed me with an amazing wife in 2014 that has fully supported me and has come along and has played an instrumental role in our success by managing our home office and taking care of our surprise and unexpected gift that was born on March 29th of 2017 and how daughters name is Brooklyn Starr Massey. Our company could not thrive without the dedication that Amber puts in daily by assuring that our clients are fully taken care of. Brooklyn plays a role in our family business by making herself known when clients call. Brooklyn also likes to sit on daddy’s lap and listen to him while talking to clients and likes to sort through paperwork, mail, and shred paper.

Our family enjoys our home at “Starr Ranch” in Anna, Texas where our home office resides for “Brentley’s Landscape & Construction”. We enjoy our horses and sponsoring rodeos, FFA, and 4 – H programs around our area. We want to instill the hard work ethic that Amber and I have always known through our life into our precious daughter with the hope that she will be successful in her future.

I’m grateful for my father’s sacrifice over my life so that my childhood dreams could come true as well as my lovely bride that has stepped in and helped pave the road to our success here along with the wisdom from close family and friends that have helped support our company over the years. We’ve also been extremely blessed to have clients that have shared insight into how to make our business more successful and we are grateful for you as well.

~ Brentley L. Massey

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From Brentley’s Mentor

“Recently I was reading a book entitled In Praise and Celebration of Friendship by Helen Exley. It shared the truth that our lives are given real meaning through our relationships. Click + to read more.

This book reminded me of our great relationship over many years. I have enjoyed our many discussions about a variety of subjects over our regular breakfast schedules, as well as our celebration on many different occasions with my wife, Gloria. It’s been particularly rewarding to see your growth over the years—personally, professionally and spiritually. You’ve made it one of your life goals to be as effective as possible in your life purpose and calling. Your dedication as a “hard worker” has helped you achieve personal and business-oriented goals. Seeing you work as a “hands-on” leader demonstrates to me why this has been possible. It was natural for Gloria and me to seek your professional services during this period because we saw the fantastic work you did for others. You helped make our wonderful home, built by our son, even more beautiful through the work you did as a lawn and landscape professional. As a friend, I also had the opportunity to see the very involved work you did on many stately homes—it demonstrated the effort of a knowledgeable expert in his field. I know your drive for excellence comes from having high moral and ethical standards. I have observed you practicing sound business practices, but what I also consider as critical—high ethical standards. At the same time you have acknowledged “making mistakes,” which is normal; but what I like is that you worked hard to correct them. You seek to learn and grow through working to solve the tough issues that we face periodically in business. In Exley’s book on “Friendship,” a Norwegian proverb is quoted: “On the road between the home of friends, grass does not grow.” While this might sound disastrous for someone that is committed to landscaping, this is a truth I see in you. You work to build relationships, which become the “building blocks” of a sound and sturdy life. Thanks for doing that with Gloria and me! Knowing a young professional like yourself, dedicated to those you interface with, and particularly committed to Our Lord, gives me a tremendous…”


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