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Protect Structures From Water & Root Damage

Plan for storm runoff and root encroachment to avoid costly future repairs.


Drainage Solutions & Root Barriers

If your landscaping is not properly planned with adequate drainage, strategic placement of plants, and root barriers where they are needed, it will only take one exceptional storm or several years of underground growth to create many thousands of dollars in damage. Drainage and root barrier solutions protect against:

  • Flooding of Your Home

    Flooding can destroy carpeting, flooring and drywall, and if any water goes undetected it could also lead to toxic mold growth, which can require extensive remeditation and disposal of belongings.

  • Outdoor Flooding

    Poor drainage can lead to mud being tracked into the house or pools of standing water that are ideal for mosquitos to breed in.

  • Structure and Utility Damage

    Roots can clog pipes, undermine foundation, create uplift in patios & sidewalks, and more.

  • Unwanted Propagation of Plants

    Some plants sent runners underground that can travel several yards or more. Root barriers can limit spread outside of their designated areas.


At Brentley’s we know how to anticipate these issues before they occur. All of our patios and sidewalks are properly graded for drainage and wherever necessary we can install various types of drains and channels to divert water away from the home. We also know which trees and plants have the most potential to create root encroachment issues, allowing us to correctly plan their placement or install root barriers wherever they are needed.

Prevent costly repairs by installing proper drainage and root barriers. Click below for a Free Consultation.

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